Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tipping the Scale of Suckocity-Coming soon!

Well, it's official. Alli Oldfield's life has tipped the Scale of Suckocity. Working at the world's lamest mini-golf course in New Hampshire can do that to one's life, especially when it's family-owned and named the Pirate's Booty. 

But then add in being fired by her own parents after a kid is nearly killed, and oh, yeah, a girl's life can off-the-chart suck. 
Sick of being labeled a dorker-ly loser, Alli seizes a chance to work at Surf Land water park. So what if it's her parents' competition? That's where all the cool kids work, including cool kids like Derek Lansing. When he asks her out, she's sure her life-changing plan can't fail. 
There's just one teensy little problem: her plan is failing. With that weak stomach of hers, she should never have worked in a water park. Never. Now things are beyond strained with her parents. Her best friend, Jeff, is weirding out. Worse, she's sabotaging her relationships with both boys, probably because she doesn't feel so great about herself. 
So what's a girl to do? Why, figure out how to really fix her life this time, of course. If she can only set everything right with her family, get her priorities in check, and give in to all this growing up stuff, Alli just might turn her summer into one that scores a solid ten on the Scale of Fabu-freakin'-lousity... 
Tipping the Scale of Suckocity is a romantic comedy about one fifteen-year-old Alli Oldfield who is grappling with growing up and her first love, and ranks each event in her life on the infamous Scale of Suckocity.

Read an excerpt here!

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