Thursday, March 24, 2011

Seriously Serendipity

All Camille did was ask Santa for a little help. She just wanted to convince a world-wary preschooler that he still existed.

She might have asked for a little help with her love life, too.

And maybe she requested a lot of assistance in finding her grandmother that perfect someone as well. All Ella needs is an absolutely wonderful someone who could bring back the sparkle that had disappeared from her eyes the day Grandpa John died, after all.

That's it, though. That's all Camille asked for.

But what does Santa do? He sails into town, opens a bakery, and has a heart attack getting frisky with her grandmother himself instead. Mr. Claus was definitely NOT the wonderful someone Camille had had in mind, though. Worse, he’s dragged along his grandson Alex, a pompous, dorky accountant who dons polyester dress socks.

So what if he's hot, too. As in reallyyyy hot.

Nope, Camille never asked for this. None of it. But then who would ever expect a simple Christmas wish could blow up into some serious serendipity?

Brimming with sugar and spice and a heroine who struggles with being nice, Seriously Serendipity is a romantic comedy for everyone who's dreamed about finding that perfectly imperfect love.

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